About Us

Frugal Labs is an IoT Device Design, Technology Development, and Consulting Company specializing in providing easy and impactful IoT solutions mainly for Agriculture, Smart Cities, and Industrial Automation. With device design being our key deliverable, Frugal Labs is also engaged with Businesses in providing customized adaptable digital transition with several other offerings like cloud integration, remote monitoring, data visualization.


“Everything that can be automated will be automated.” -Robert Cannon

Device Design

Frugal Labs offers full-service design and product development engineering for your IoT device and can assist with any phase of development, from concept to production. Our design capability includes manufacturing, sourcing of materials, and assembly processes that will ensure your device meets your precise design specifications and user needs.

Firmware Devlopment

Frugal Labs vaunts a very talented group of Firmware and Embedded Developers in the Team with experienced programming components for IoT and M2M devices. We write codes and develop applications based on both high and low levels of the firmware. Our firmware integrations are compatible with microprocessors and hardware from companies like ARM, STM, Nordic, Texas Instruments, Atmel. Intel.

Cloud Services

Frugal Labs offers cloud services that power the IoT, which includes infrastructure for processing and storing of IoT data collected from the devices both historical and real-time. It also includes the services and standards necessary for connecting, managing, and securing different IoT devices and applications. Frugal Labs offers a more efficient, flexible, and scalable model for delivering the infrastructure and services needed to power IoT devices and applications.


Frugal Labs IoT consulting service is designed to assist and accompany Clients in their journey of digital transformation. The Team can consult on developing End to End IoT solutions based on Business need which further increases productivity and gives the customer its value for money,

Key Focus

"I do not fear computers. I fear lack of them." -Isaac Asimov


Agri & Agro Allied

We work in the sector of Agri and Agro-allied like Dairy and Pisciculture to provide Sensor enabled devices for Precision farming, Cattle Health Monitoring, Fish Farming Water Quality Monitoring, etc. The easy adaptability of Technology can be very useful for increasing productivity in this sector which will create sustainable growth in this industry for years to come.


Smart City

Smart Cities are just not a future anymore. Thanks to Technology, that some of Smart City solutions are already in place and is also expanding rapidly. We at Frugal Labs are also not lagging behind, some of our applications like Smart Parking, Water Quality Monitoring, etc are in process with some of the Municipality Clients in different places. With the advancement of Technology in the coming days, We aim to build more such applications suitable for Smart City development.


Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0) is the ongoing transformation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices combined with the latest smart technology. Some of our applications like Industry Controller, Smart Meters, Energy Saver Devices are being used in different Industry applications to reduce the cost and further increase productivity.



Tech4Impact is an initiative by Frugal labs to design, develop, and use IoT and related technologies to come out with solutions to create greater community impact.The initiative focuses on Small and Marginal Scale Farmers of Allied Sectors (Dairy, Pisciculture, and animal husbandry) to create a larger impact in their Businesses by using IoT Technology & its applications.
This Program has been designed and developed inlined with the UN's SDG especially Goal No 2, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12, 15, and 17. and Indian Govt's Atmanirbhar Bharat and Vocal for Local initiatives. Indian Agri and Agro-allied sector count for the country's 70% revenue and across the length and breadth of the Country the Small and Marginal Farmers are more in number compared to the larger ones. Through this initiative, we are collaborating with different stakeholders like NGOs, Govt Dept, Financial Institutes, Aids, etc to reach out to these small farmer groups in Horticulture, Diary, and Pisiciculture in order to train them on the application of IoT and its effects in increased productivity which will further lead to more sustainable means of livelihood.

IoT in Sustainable Development

Existing human Civilization as we all know, is only 6000 years old and Industrialization started only in the early 1800s but since then we have taken tremendous efforts and have walked in the path of development to reach this place where we are today.

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