Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Be it the natural environment or your server room environment, Frugal Labs has been developing easy to use and retro fit IoT Solutions to sense, monitor and track the required environmental parameters and most importantly, alert you in case of critical or unfavourable conditions that may occur.

How do we do this?

Your business may own infrastructure, goods and other assets that may be sensitive to environmental changes such as temperature, humidity, water leakage, etc. to name a few. You may have an agriculture business where maintaining the environment of your silo or warehouse is of utmost importance. May be you own a company whose server room’s temperature and humidity parameters needs to be constantly monitored and optimum values needs to be maintained. You may need systems to detect intruders inside your warehouse or server room.

In order to protect your company’s assets and infrastructure, Frugal Labs has been developing easy to use and retro fit IoT Solutions to sense, monitor and track the required environmental parameters and most importantly, alert you in case of critical or unfavourable conditions that may occur.

We are involved with many industries of various types and offer fully customizable IoT solutions to fit your needs. Here are some examples where our environment monitoring systems are utilized to protect the company’s infrastructure by monitoring, reporting and generating alerts in case of critical or unfavourable conditions that may occur.

So, how does it work? Any why does it benefit your company?

Our Environmental monitoring system provides sophisticated hardware and software to measure and log a range of environmental conditions like temperature, humidity, fire/smoke, water presence, intruder presence, etc., in real time. All of these are integrated to our cloud and can be accessed and monitored from any part of the world.

You can set optimal threshold values (lower and upper limits) to each parameter and if the values go above or below the set threshold, you will receive audio/visual alerts along with alerts via. SMS text and Email. Historical data can be extracted from the database and reports can be generated daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Remote Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Get reliable 24/7 automated monitoring and alerting for your server rooms, data centres, warehouses, homes, etc. with Frugal Labs SEMS.

The sensor nodes are connected to the FLIP Gateway and the data are saved in the FLIP Cloud. Using your smartphones, tablets or PC log-in to our secure web portal to monitor real-time environmental conditions and get notified instantly from multiple sensor units and gateway in one centralized dashboard.

Need more information?

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions or if you need more information!

Use Cases

1IT – Server Room / Data Centre

We all know how sensitive Servers Centres and other Network Infrastructure are to temperature changes, humidity, water presence, etc.

We invest in high end air conditioners and other equipment to keep these environments at their optimal operating states, but what if these devices fail, or even worse, are slowly failing. Temperatures start to slowly rise, equipment starts to heat up, and fans are spinning faster trying to keep everything cool, until it gets to that crucial tolerance point where everything starts shutting down.

This could have been foreseen and avoided with the use of a few server room temperature sensors. Unfortunately, a lot of our clients have experienced this and are with us for this exact reason.

We offer complete and fully customizable / scalable solutions to monitor and most importantly, alert you in case unfavourable environmental conditions occur in your server room, data centres or any other critical area you wish to monitor.

2Laboratory Environment Monitoring

Monitoring laboratory room temperature and humidity is critical from a quality perspective in order to provide a constant, regulated state of control for equipment and samples for proper laboratory operations.

Most laboratories’ room temperatures can fluctuate between 20 and 25 °C. Improper regulation and maintenance of environmental conditions in laboratories can have unwanted effects on samples as well as on testing equipment's ability to produce stable results.

FL-SEMS can aid in maintaining laboratory room temperature and humidity requirements by monitoring ambient room temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions by providing daily records of historical trends and fluctuations as well as immediate alerts when predefined thresholds are met. Our environmental monitoring system can provide accurate data logs of temperature and humidity conditions within laboratory rooms for use in documentation and audits.

3Agriculture – Crop storage warehouses

Agriculture is the backbone of many countries. After the harvest is done, the most important and critical stage of farming is storing the harvested crops safety! These crops will be highly susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity and will rot away if they come in contact with water. Monitoring these parameters is of utmost importance and deviation of values beyond permissible limits is to be alerted to the relevant authority immediately to take relevant actions! FL-SEMS takes care of monitoring and alerting. We offer customised solutions to fit your need.

4Industrial Data Loggers

In manufacturing processes and industrial facilities, monitoring temperature, humidity, gas, and other environmental factors can be critical in order to provide a constant, regulated state of control for fabrication and manufacturing processes to produce the high quality products.

5Home Environment Monitoring

Home environment monitoring and peace of mind has never been easier. A home environment monitoring system for your home can alert you to environmental conditions such as flooding, leaks, fire and smoke. Our home environment monitoring system will send you an alert to any internet enabled device for a variety of environmental issues that threaten to damage your property. This gives you time to take action before the damage gets worse, and is especially important for home and property owners who travel, or are gone away for extended periods of time. With the Intruder detection sensors coupled with the IR Cameras, if an intruder is present, the ir camera takes a photograph and immediately sends you an alert along with the photo.

Using different types of sensors to monitor the activity of your home’s environmental conditions you can receive alerts for the following situations:

6Greenhouse / Terrace Garden Environment monitoring

Terrace gardening and greenhouses are becoming a popular trend in urban areas to grow organic fruits and vegetables and get good produce at home. To get optimum yield and for the plants to flourish, optimum temperature, humidity and soil moisture needs to be maintained and monitored regularly. With FL-SEMS, you can achieve this. You can even set alerts when temperature or humidity goes above or below a set permissible limit. You can automate the process of watering the plants at proper intervals to maintain optimum soil moisture and PH levels, and turn on de-humidifiers if humidity becomes too high or even turn on heaters if temperature goes too low! All this can be automated on our cloud and you can get regular alerts on the same.