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Celebrating 9 Years At Frugal Labs

Celebrating 9 Years At Frugal Labs

This year marks the 9th anniversary of Frugal Labs as a company and we find ourselves privileged and grateful for the support of all our customers, partners and stakeholders. When we look back on how far we’ve come and all that we’ve accomplished on our journey to success so far, it has been nothing short of challenging, fulfilling and consistent learning experience.

What started as a brainstorming session among the founders to start an embedded design and training company in the Internet Of Things industry has today blossomed into a IoT products and solutions company with a growing number of customers and meaningful impact across the Agriculture value chain industry. Nurturing an idea involves a lot of hard work but for it to flourish, one needs the support of a purpose led team, supportive customers and impactful partners. We are appreciative and indebted to everyone who has helped the company become what it is today, especially our customers. None of this would have been possible without the effort of every one of you.

Looking Back 

Some of you have known Frugal Labs since early 2012, when we started our journey as an IoT company, helping people and organizations grasp the potential in IoT solutions and what they can do. We actually founded the company with a small team to create sustainable and real world IoT solutions when a very few options existed in the market, but it was our belief that none of them were as impactful, reliable, and comprehensive for the modern era of agriculture and allied industry. 9 years later, we can safely say that we were on to something, to truly deliver real world solutions to the end user.

We started by helping individuals and organizations grasp how IoT solutions could be delivered and consumed, while individually architecting our product to be solution first and compatible with the agriculture ecosystem. What started as a humble initiative, soon took the notice of some early customers.

The Present 

Building on that early success and with the collective insights and guidance from our customers and stakeholders, we’ve innovated from a training company into a comprehensive IoT platform that powers every type of individual and organization, from a small farmers vision to small and medium-sized businesses to multinational enterprises.

Today, we’re proud to offer a portfolio of solutions enabling farmers, entrepreneurs and businesses to enhance and do what they do better, Some solutions we offer include,

FLIP is acronymed for Frugal Labs IoT Platform. It’s a full stack IoT suite for Agri and Water Tech solutions which includes 

  • Solutions Across Water Tech And Agri Tech
  • Solutions For Animal Husbandry
  • Solutions For Barn Management And Monitoring
  • Solutions For Supply Chain Management

Looking Ahead

After 9 years of learning, we would say we are just getting started. Everything we do, from training to new products, is driven by you, our amazing customers. And we’ll continue to listen and engage our customers as we pursue a completely impact based experience for every individual, no matter the scale.

Because while solutions like FLIP help you harness the potential in IoT technology and enhance your agriculture business better, you are the real users – the ones helping us implement, nurture and grow on our platform. You are the ones driving the future, and we couldn’t be happier that you’re here.

Our warm and heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you – our customers, partners, employees, investors, and all our believers for the past 9 years. We couldn’t have done any of it without you.

Our Vision For 2025,

  1. Introduce A Range Of Products For The Value Chain Of Agri and Agro-Allied Sector
  2. To Emerge As India’s Leading IoT Product Companies In Agriculture
  3. Make Made In India IoT Technology Accessible Globally
  4. Make Products Accessible To A Minimum Of 100 Farmers From Each State Across India.
  5. To Emerge As A Cornerstone For Data Collection Using Our Devices Across The Agriculture Ecosystem In India.

We look forward to cherishing the mission, vision, innovation, connection, and team spirit of today and accomplish great work together.


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