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Meet Our Mentor

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Meet Our Mentor

It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed. Napoleon Hill

Mentors are the guiding force in our pursuit to consistently innovate and align our efforts to our purpose and mission. We are privileged to have the support and garner valuable knowledge from enigmatic leaders who are instrumental in driving change and creating an impact for the current generation of entrepreneurs and companies.

Meet Our Mentor

Mr Hemendra Mathur is mentoring us towards a progressive future at Frugal Labs. With over 25 years of extensive experience in venture capital, private equity, management consulting and investment banking in India, South Asia, Europe and USA, he has deep insights and experience in early stage and growth capital investing, scaling agribusinesses, retail and consumer goods industry and government consulting.

An alumnus of the prestigious IIM – Ahmedabad, Mr Hemendra Mathur has held prestigious positions in organizations such as Bharat Fund, Thing AG, FICCI- Task Force On Agri Startups, SEAF , to name a few.

The entire team at Frugal Labs is privileged to learn and garner a new perspective from his valuable insights and industry acumen. We look forward to a spontaneous and valuable journey with him towards creating sustainable impact in the IoT, Agriculture And Allied industries.

Why Does A Business Need An Entrepreneur? Here is what we think,

Frugal Labs Meet The Mentor Handshake Image

Your friends and family, colleagues and acquaintances can provide you with a steady flow of insights and opportunities for your organizations. Industry forums, influencers, consultants and employees can add insights in specific or niche areas. However, only a good business mentor can share wisdom and experience on a spontaneous basis, direct the right know-how and enable a positive impact that can lead to sustained growth.

Many business mentors don many hats as a teacher, manager, strategist, or consultant. And a true mentor and mentee relationship also works multichannel, our mentor gets to involve and understand new business strategies, just as we learn from their unmatched wisdom, experience and industry exposure.

We at Frugal Labs, believe in building a long standing and trustworthy relationship with our mentors over time, creating impact and opportunities.

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